Dongeng Cinderella | Cinderella Tale

Dongeng Cinderella is one of fairy tales or stories that sanagt favored children from all countries. Cinderella fairy tale tells of a girl who lived with his mother and two of his half-sister, where the girl named Cinderella has always been treated unfairly by her stepmother and stepsister, samapai-up to be treated like a maid.

However, because the girl Cinderella has always been to do good and do not repay evil with evil stepmother too. So the girl was given the opportunity by the Cinderella fairy kindly to attend the dance party held by pengeran a very handsome and rich.

The bewitching Cinderella fairy to appear like a princess with a beautiful gown and golden carriage, but Cinderella only had until midnight just to follow the prince was first held. At the party serve targeted, the stunning beautiful Cinderella the prince, they were dancing.

But after the clock struck 12 times, Cinderella was a girl dressed ragged Cinderella rushed back and left the prince. Because so in a hurry, Cinderella glass shoe accidentally released ditangga palace. Prince picked up the glass shoe and keep it. Prince who fell in love with Cinderella looking for the girl who can wear the glass slipper was left behind in his palace.

Then the prince serniat looking for the owner of the glass slipper with a tour of the city to find a pair of glass Cinderella shoes. Two Cinderella stepsister go try but their feet do not fit in these shoes. Cinderella go try a glass slipper on her feet turned out perfect. After finding the girl was looking for, pangeranpun directly bring Cinderella to the palace and they were married and dubbed by PRINCESS Cinderella.

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